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  • The Recruiter - Over 350+ videos to help your starters and beyond
  • The Recruitment Leader - Full access to The Recruiter¬†+ The FLip and The Rookie Induction
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All The Tools Your Staff Need To Be Successful 

At J9 we have 3 different subscription packages on offer to help your recruiters become the best and most productive versions of themselves. Broken down into easy to understand lessons, with tests and feedback, you can take the hassle out of training and get started today!

Single Subject Focused Training

Want to work on a specific area of your recruitment toolkit? Have a look at our premium courses. Designed to improve and eventually master specific areas of the recruitment leader world, with training videos and techniques that have been used in real world scenarios to be tested and proven to work. What are you waiting for, check them out today!

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  • Up to 6 world class courses to choose from
  • Single subject courses to help you tap into your niche
  • One time purchase on all courses, by once, have access forever!
  • Consistently growing library of courses for you to choose from, with new features added everyday